I just wanted to let everyone know that I am going out on a mission. This is not a permanent thing. I am just getting out of the office for a few days and going to see what is going on with my guys and gals. Mat Lawson is going to be the CC on this mission. He is a bit aggressive as I hear and with some of the problems the convoys are having I am going to observe whats up. I should be back tomorrow afternoon. There is a chance that we may have to go to Anaconda. If so, I will be gone 4 to 5 days. We have lots of new people that have not ever been north of Cedar 2. If we have to go to Anaconda, my being in the mix will give the mission one more person with experience.  We did loose a driver the other day and have 2 others in serious condition. They hit an IED between Scania and Baghdad. Please pray for their families at this time.

Pictures from the mission

Pictures of the Safir Grounds where we stayed in Kuwait

Written by WhiteRose

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