Well, I am back to work. I got into Kuwait at 23:20 on

Feb. 3 and hit the ground running. At 0300 the next morning I was headed for work. Yes, I know that is only a bit over 3 hours after I got back. But things are going to change and I will tell ya why.

I have taken a promotion, and with that promotion, I will no longer be running out on missions. I know all of ya’ll enjoined my stories from the roads of Iraq, but the missions aren’t running like that anymore. With the end of reefers, everything is going to a set run, much like doing city work. I came out to flatbeds here at TDC, like I wanted to do. Right before I came home for my R&R, I got sick and had to take 2 days off. When I came back in, FX, my boss, wouldn’t let me go back out on the sustainer missions to Cedar. He said that I was still to sick and with my R&R coming up, he wanted me to be over the cold so I could enjoy my time off. Well, sitting around doing nothing, as most of you know, is not for me. So I jumped in on helping getting the convoy out in the mornings and getting the paperwork that went along with it done. Then getting set up for the next days mission. I have to tell ya’ll. I never wanted a promotion. I came here to drive a truck and support our guys and gals here. That is where I felt useful. I felt like I was making a difference. Making CC was as high up as I wanted to go. But as luck would have if, I fell into this job. FX is our foreman, and Eddie is our lead-man. FX’s year is up on March 3. Eddie will be moving up to foreman and I will be taking Eddie’s job. It is lots more work and responsibility, with no pay raise. As a matter of fact if I took the title that when with the job, I would have to take a pay cut. So we are leaving me as a truck driver, but doing the lead-mans job. And for those of you that worry that I may get jipped in that deal. All the supervisors know that I am going to be doing this job and my name will be on most of the paperwork.

Anyway, the context of my emails is going to change. I have been told that ya’ll like my email about what I am doing over here. I hope that it doesn’t get boring now. Course, there is always something going on here. As a matter of fact, I was just invited today to sit in with some guys that do a bit of singing and playing. They meet once a week. If I have the time, I plan on joining them for a while. I guess they are going and performing from time to time. I really hope that I can find the time to stay with this. As most of you know, I love to sing and at one time in my life, that is what I wanted to do for a living. This will give me a chance to get the ole windpipes back in shape and have a little fun. I will keep ya’ll up to date on how that goes.

As for the work end of it all, I hope that ya’ll don’t get board. I will relay the stories from my drivers and the Military guys and gals that I work with.

I will end now and get back to work. Ya’ll all take care!

Written by WhiteRose

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