As you can see by the subject line, I am coming home. Not for good, but for a visit. I fly out of Kuwait at 01:40 01/20, Tuesday morning. I have about a 9 to 10 hour lay over in Amsterdam, then on into Memphis. My plane should land about 17:05 , 01/20, Tuesday night. I will be doing a little traveling while I am home to see all the family and friends. Then I have to be back in Memphis on 02/02,  at 19:20, then have another 5 hour layover in Amsterdam and then back to Kuwait. I look forward to seeing all of ya’ll. And just in case anyone wants to know if there is anything I want for when I get there, “HOME COOKING” and nothing with curry in it. They put curry in everything here and I am really tired of it. Course, having flushing toilets, hot water that last more than 2 seconds, grass and trees,(even if covered in snow), and no sand, will be enough to make me happy.  Any way, ya’ll take care, and I will see ya when I get there.

Written by WhiteRose

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