Now, for what ya’ll really want to hear. I put in for my R&R for January 20th to February 3. I had canceled that and put in for and Lwop to go to Bahrain for New Years. We thought that Kenny, my oldest boy would be graduating from AIT in March and I wanted to be there for that. I found out the other day the all the new paper work had gotten lost. They have me set up for the R&R but have nothing on the Lwop. So I told them to leave it as it is and I would do and Lwop and go to the states in March as well. I talked to Kenny the other night and found out that he is not going to AIT till this summer. So everything works out for the best. I will be flying out of here on the 20th of January for Memphis and will have to fly back on the 2nd. I will see ya’ll then.

Till then ya’ll take care and keep up all the prayers. They are needed and are why I and others have been lucky enough to not have to have seen the worse there is over here. We can still have fun and not have the nightmares.

Written by WhiteRose

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