I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I will be working nights for a while. Since I am not going out on the SUV trip, and they sent my truck out with someone else, they offered me this till it gets back. It is something different to do. Ya’ll know me, I like to stay busy. I know that I will be doing a lot of sitting working nights, but not as much as staying on days and waiting for my truck. Course, if another Volvo comes open, I could get it and be back out on missions. That would be just fine with me. course I have had a lot of work done on this truck and done lots of work on it myself. But if a Volvo comes open, I am gone!

I will let ya’ll know how that working nights goes. But I really doubt it will be as exciting as the convoys. Course, my computer should be here the early part of next week and I can get note on all the pictures and get that mailed to my sister to get on the website.

Got to go ya’ll. Have to catch a bus to work. Ya’ll take care and be safe out there.

Written by WhiteRose

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