Well, guy and gals looks like I wont be going anywhere tomorrow. The gal that I was supposed to drive isn’t going or doesn’t need a driver. So am stuck here. Andy told me that he put a guy in my truck, but told him that I would get it back when I got back. So, now I have to wait till my truck gets back from this mission. They are not going to far, so hopefully it wont be but a few days that I have to sit around here. This really sucks. I rather be out on a mission than sitting at PWC doing nothing. I will still get my 12 hours, even sitting at PWC, but it is boring. So ya’ll look for me on line in the evenings. Well, it would be the middle of the day for ya’ll. Most of ya’ll are on central time, so ya’ll are 9 hours behind us here.

Everyone take care and I will talk to ya’ll later.

Written by WhiteRose

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