Wow, it’s been a long day. I got to bed about midnight last night. The jet lag thing is really a bummer. I was up at 0330. I got cold in the room and put my sweat pants on to get warmer. (Getting cold at this time of year here doesn’t happen often). I made the mistake of going down to the lobby to have a cigarette, and as you know me, got hung up by the mouth. I had to make sure I get breakfast because that is the only meal that is worth eating. As many of you know, I don’t do breakfast, but I do now. After breakfast, they bussed us over to one of the post and we had a briefing that lasted till 1230. We all hit the DEFAC and the PX then had to go get our cots, sleeping bags and pillows. Yes they issue us a pillow. I just got back from all that a few min ago. The temp hit around 109 today and I am not doing good with it. Had one safety guy tell me I looked peeked. I am drinking plenty of water, but it’s not helping much. The guy said that my body may not be taking the water like it should, so I am going to have to force it to. I am not seating like I should be either, and that doesn’t help. They say that in time I will. Right now I am constantly drinking water. More than lot of the other folks. I have to. But I will be fine.

They are keeping an eye on me now that they know that my body isn’t doing right. So nobody worry. I will be fine in time. Tomorrow we go to get our shots. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Then the next day I have the defensive driving class and test. I should be getting to work by the end of the week. Not sure, but it looks like I will be housed here in Kuwait and doing missions from here to the Cedar 2 site, which is about 40 to 50 miles inside Iraq. If that is true then that is a good thing.

The housing here is like a resort once you get out of here. Most of the housing is right on the Persian Gulf coast. The sun rise and sun sets are really beautiful. I am doing to get pictures. When I get a chance to borrow someone’s laptop, I will get the pictures I have taken already moved to this jump drive and mailed to Mary so that she can get the web site up and running. When she does, I will make sure everyone gets the address. Just please bear with me for a bit on getting it up. I don’t want Dad to ship me my laptop till I know for sure where I am going to be and what the address is going to be. Well, it is time for dinner. I guess I will go see what it is tonight, and if I am going to eat it or go next door and have pizza. Everyone take care. Please let everyone one know that I an doing ok. And if I have missed emailing someone that I should have, please send me their email address, because I don’t have it. Ya’ll take care!

Written by WhiteRose

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